Tari's School of Dance

4th Row: Makayla Hertzock, Olivia Cooley, Kennedy Walker, Anna Peever, Aliya Trapp, Madison Pittman, Erin Rhynes, Allison Meador,   Shayla Taylor, Eleanor Koonce, Gabrielle Guidry, Gabrielle Ferrara, Emma Moore, Rachel Peavy, Claire Calloway, Hillary Melara, Allie Peever,    Parker Wilson, Chloe Callerame, Haleigh Hooks, Lyndl Barrick

3rd Row: Julia Shaffer, Clare Dillman, Kennedy Clark, Jordan Blunt, Annie Blanchard, Catherine Couvillion, Julian Guillory, Sophia Stuart, Jabez Berniard, Lanie Grace Everett, Samantha Bass, Catelyn Greene, Melanie McCormick

2nd Row: Jillian Clements, Lilly Manson, Ainsley Calloway, Kennan Mashon, Anna Claire Manson, Jalan Lang, Taylor Lang, Isabel Clements, Mackenzie Ward,  Isabella Grier, Haley Mosenteen

1st Row: Isabella Ferrara, Amelia Watson, Annslee Phillips, Gyanni Grace, Ashlyn Palmer, Madison Morel, Rylie Richard, Ashley Lang, Olivia Brocato

    Tari’s Company consists of 55 members and four groups, Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior, ranging in age from 8 to 18. Dancers were invited to join the company after auditioning during the 2014 summer session.  They attended a two-week company intensive in July where guest instructors Victor Smalley, Angel Armas, Tokyo, DJ Guthrie, Liz Imperio, as well as Mrs. Tari, Ms. Alisha, Mr. Leconte and Ms. Blair, worked with them on technique and competition choreography. The dancers attended and competed at several dance conventions and competitions throughout the year receiving many awards. They attended and competed in the Hollywood Vibe convention in January 2015, the Artist Simply Human (ASH) Dance Convention in February 2015, and the LA Dance Magic (LADM) convention in March 2015.

There are 16 Mini Company members who won extensive awards this year with a Jazz routine Here I Come. They won 1st Place High Gold at LADM and 1st Place Platinum Overall High scoring group at Hollywood vibe.

Tari’s Junior Company, consisting of 17 dancers, competed together with the Mini Company in a jazz dance, Get It Right received High Gold at Hollywood Vibe.  At LADM they got 1st Place High Gold. The Minis and Juniors also competed with a Hip Hop number, Greetings Earthlings. This dance received High Gold and Most Entertaining at Hollywood Vibe and 2nd Place Platinum and Most Entertaining at LADM.

The Junior company members performed, French Vogue, a Jazz routine. This won 2nd Place High Gold at Hollywood Vibe, 3rd Place High Gold at LADM.

 Tari’s Teen Company consists of 13 members. Their jazz dance, Love Lost, received High Gold at Hollywood Vibe, 1st Place Platinum at LADM. The Teens also performed a Contemporary dance, It’s Alright, which won 3rd Place High Gold and 5th Place Overall at Hollywood Vibe. At LADM, they won 2nd Place Platinum.

Tari’s Senior Company consists of 9 members. They        competed a lyrical number, Never Let Me Go, which received a High Gold at Hollywood Vibe and 3rd Place Platinum at LADM. Black Flies, a contemporary dance, won 2nd Place Platinum and overall 3rd Place senior group at Hollywood vibe. They won 2nd Place Platinum, Best Choreography, and an invitation to perform in the faculty show at LADM. At ASH, they were awarded Performance Showcase Standout and received an invitation to perform in the faculty show.

The Teen and Senior Company members competed together with a Jazz dance titled, We Gonna Win, which received 1st Place Platinum & 4th Place Overall at Hollywood Vibe, 1st Place Platinum at LADM, and  Studio Select at ASH. The two groups also competed with a Pointe dance, Save Me, winning 1st Place Platinum at LADM. The Teens and Seniors competed with a jazz routine entitled, Move which won High Gold at Hollywood Vibe, 1st Place Platinum and Overall Teen Extended Line at LADM. Throughout the year, company members audition for scholarships at all of the conventions attended.  This year, 29 dancers were selected as scholarship winners and finalists.  Congratulations to the company members for such a successful year!